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What - you still here?

Still wasting time? Someone after my own heart. Well, there's some more for you here. It's even worse than the rubbish on Other Stuff and Another Other

As with the original celebration of otherness, I 'reorganised' this part of the site in August, 2008. If you run your mouse over the pictures below, you'll (more or less) see what page you'll reach if you click the picture. Look before you leap into the pits of this website. Or, if you prefer the more traditional kind of link, see below.

ACTION SHOTS: a series of fabulous, or at least very painful, sporting photographs.       A Few Red Poets.       AN OLD REVIEW: Welsh Poetry. What's this doing here?

BORING POSTCARDS: Well, these are just boring postcards. What more can I say?       HEAR A POEM: These are original poems read by the poets       This means EIGHTY HUMOROUS SKETCHES FROM AROUND THE WORLD.

POETRY IN TRANSLATION: It means what it says, really.       The outer fringes of this web site.      

OTHER STUFF: The original celebration of otherness       ANOTHER OTHER: What? You've seen this part of the site and you want more otherness?.       BACK TO MAIN PAGE

Action Shots
Boring Postcards
A Few Red Poets
Hear a Poem
An Old Review: Welsh Poetry
Optzeci de Schite
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Other Stuff
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