The Last Post

The furthest outpost of this web site

Yes, this is the edge of the electronic equivalent of the Gobi Desert. As you peep over the edge of this flat Earth, do you hear the roar of a not-so-distant dragon? Or is that just your stomach telling you that it's high time you stopped for something to eat?

But, before you go, Send me a short e-mail just to prove that you've got this far. Your name (any part of it) and if you like your e-mail address will be added to the ROLL OF DISHONOUR below.

Roll of Dishonour

Erica Jones (She knows who she is) has been the first one who is brave or foolish enough to admit to visiting this page. Bon courage, Erica!

Number two is David Llewellyn David is now living in France. (Incidentally, is now running writers' courses there. See his website for further details). He says: 'Having got this far, how could I not send an e-mail? Hello Raymond. Brilliant site. I feel quite nostalgic leafing (or should that be browsing?) through your pages in the depths of the Dordogne. Best Wishes. David.'

Chris Williams says 'I couldn't open the scroll.' Is he winding me up?

Then there is is Jack from somewhere called East Cheam who says '... clearly your bonce is wired up differently to mine. That said I am impressed (no I'm not taking the p**s) with you erudition and involvement in literary work...' Sadly, to reproduce the rest would result in litigation or civil war.

We have Wendy Nottingham eager to dishonour herself with 'Dear Ray, I have got this far in your website and want to be on your roll of dishonour. Like Chris, I tried to open the scroll. I'm looking for news of a competition but can't find it anywhere so am going to visit the Cambrensis site instead. Or perhaps I shall go and have something to eat. Bye for now, Wendy.'

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