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Actually, this section isn't just about the Triolet, as you will see. It's about formal verse in general AND free verse. The only reason that I used the name 'Triolet' is just because it sounds better than 'formal and free verse'.

The word Triolet is from the French (it's a French form), so it should really be pronounced 'Tree Olé'. But unless you're pawsh, or are rather a vigorous variety of tree-hugger, the word has been adopted into English, and can be pronounced as the rather unglamorous 'Trio-Let'.

That's enough of a preamble from me. Click on the name of the form or the subject that interests you, assuming that any of them do, to find out more. If this is your first visit I'd recommend that you read A Note on Formal Poetry before you look at anything else. You might also care to look at Vers Libre. This page concentrates on the important question of free verse.

There are plans to extend this section of the web site, so if you would like to make any suggestions about this part of the site send me an e-mail. No attachments, please, or I'll just delete the e-mail, and I'd also request that you also put 'Triolet: Your Name' in the subject box.


Links to sections on this part of the site
A Note on Formal and Free Verse
Blank Verse
Chant Royal
Literary Terms
Nonsense Verse
Ottava Rima
Rhyme Royal
A Sample Poem Analysed
The Tanka
Terza Rima
The Triolet (form)
Vers Libre

Joseph Biddulph - 'Anglo-Welsh' Poetry
Jim Bartlett - The Rhymed Couplet


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What is a Villanelle?

And there are many poems on the Guest, More Guests, Even More Guests, and Languages Other Than English pages.

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