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DECAMERON IN THE BRUSSELS SWEETSHOP: Forget all this stuff about the world economy. It's time to focus attention on the REALLY important issue of the day. This may be a rather strange sort of story, but surely you've heard that truth is stranger than fiction?      THE EFFICIENCY MYTH. Looking for something that doesn't make supporters of the Regressive Party gnash their teeth? This could be it. It'll make everyone gnash their teeth.      THE FREEDOM TO WEAR SILLY RED  COATS: Would you wear this jacket? More importantly, would you allow others to wear it?      JOHN MAJOR BALLS-UP'S TRAIN SET: Have you ever wondered why we have a sub-standard railway system? The answer may have been found in Coldharbour Lane during the nineteen-fifties.
LOCAL GOVERNMENT REORGANISATION: this joke is in poor taste.       PROPHETS OF MAMMON: What can Tom Peters, a management guru of yesteryear, teach us today?        THE PRIME MINISTER'S NEW POLICIES: A fairy-story from way back in the twenty-first century, when the country went in fear of something called a Coagulation      

Decameron in the Brussels Sweetshop
The Efficiency Myth
The Freedom to Wear Silly Red Coats
John Major Balls-up's Train Set
Local Government Reorganisation
The Prime Minister's New Policies
Prophets of Mammon
Stop the Clock: I Want to Go Back (Jack Cheam)
The Pinko Songbook
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