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What is the difference between an essay and an article? Well personally I don't think it matters too much. I don't think it really matters whether you call a piece of prose an essay or a short story for that matter, as long as you're clear in your own mind as to what is fiction and what is non-fiction - and that the reader can be when it matters. No, I don't think that trying to pigeon-hole is always very helpful.

I do, though, have definite ideas about what is an essay, and what is an article, but won't bore you with them here. There's really a kind of spectrum between essays and articles. It's up to you to decide which is which, or indeed what should be called something else. But don't worry about it too much.

The pieces on this sub-section are:
        Another Look at Existentialism
An essay examining existentialism from a literary point of view.
        Coracles of the World
A straightforward factual article on the ancient river craft still to be seen on Afon Tywi and Afon Teifi.
        Divided Loyalties
A piece on the Landsker line, the centuries-old but all but invisible dividing line between North and South Pembrokeshire. I believe the Landsker is the only 'border' of its kind in the UK.
A personal account of the viewing of the solar eclipse from West Cornwall on 11 August, 1999. See also Time Passes
        The French Connection
An exploration of the historical links between Brittany and Wales
        The Hound of the Borderlands
Did Conan Doyle's Dartmoor devil-dog have its origins in the Welsh border country?
        The Last Man in Europe
In a tiny way, this is an attempt to counterbalance the misrepresentation that George Orwell has received from the popular media (c.f. TV shows like Big Brother and Room 101. It's a short essay on the title of his masterpiece of political fiction, Nineteen Eighty-four. This piece originally appeared in the short lived and now long-forgotten publication, The Reed Review back in 1991. With measures like Identity Cards in the offing, and a general backwards drift in liberty, it has even more relevance now than it did in 1991, 1984 or even 1948.
        Laud of the Rings
With the release of the 'prequel', I thought this would be a good time to include something I wrote in April, 2002.
        Poetry and Popular Music
A short essay exploring the complex relationship between poetry and popular music.
        Remembering the Lions
An account of the early days of the Great War. It focuses on the death of one of the soldiers, my uncle (and, no, I don't mean 'great uncle').
        The Seven Ages of the Bridge
A historical and personal account of the Charles Bridge in Prague. You can listen to a special version of the jazz classic Basin Street Blues by the Prague band Jazz No Problem
        The Shifting Sands
The history of Kenfig Castle and the ancient Borough of Kenfig and their stormy relationship with the native Welsh and the local sand dunes
        The Spirit of Wales
The early days of the Penderyn Whisky Distillery
        Time Passes
A personal account of the viewing of the solar eclipses in June 1954 and March 2015. See also Eclipsed
        Waiting in the Wings
The story of 'Blackie' Blackwell and his wait to get into the RAF in WWII, told through his diaries.
        What's in a Name?
An exploration of personal- and place-names, with special reference to the County of Pembrokeshire
        The Yellow Omnibus
An autobiographical piece. What do Oscar Wilde, the colour yellow, and a violent playground game have to do with each other?

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