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This is the miscellaneous part of the site.

Miscellaneous? That's what people call things when they don't know what to call them, isn't it? Well, perhaps it is but there are a couple of pages where you can actually DO things. And if you don't like those, there are links to the Another Other and Other Other sections. The latter will get you to the very pits of this web site.You can hardly wait, can you?

In an astounding burst of activity, I 'reorganised' this part of the site in August, 2008. If you run your mouse over the pictures below, you'll see what page you'll reach if you click the picture. Look before you leap, sort of thing. Or, if you prefer the more traditional style of link, use those below.

I've got my eye on you!

CAPTIONS: Your big chance to see faces in the news. Or that were in the news. This one features the new owners of the country's energy, for example.       ESSAYS and ARTICLES One of the few titles that means what it says.       No time at all, just the New Yuk Times

GLO's PAGE: A page or section for the sharing of non-academic opinions on books and reading.       THE INTERACTIVE CAPTION: A desperate search to find a job that Dubya can actually do has been launched. Could looking after this page be it?       JOKES: well, jokes of a kind at least.

QUIZ: If you want INTELLECTUAL STIMULATION and GLITTERING PRIZES, go somewhere else.       QUOTH HEE: In a probably pointess attempt to show that this site isn't completely frivolous, this page features some quotations from various places.      

STRAY BLOGS: this, the interactive successor to STRAY THOUGHTS, is a site within a site to which you can contribute.

ANOTHER OTHER: What? You've seen this part of the site and you want more otherness?.       OTHER OTHER STUFF: here you'll find the dregs of this dreggy web site       BACK TO MAIN PAGE

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