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Featured on this part of the site are Brendan Barker; Jim Bartlett with both The Ro-Ro Shanty and Gweddio i'r Mor, in which he is accompanied by John Davies; Cr Bro Ogwr; Tracey Curtis; Jazz No Problem; Jimmy Kelly; Marconi Beach Sound; Stephen Oliver; Mick Paynter; Section 25, Robert Thomas and Bee Richards .

This section gives you the opportunity to hear some music, by others, you will be relieved to learn. I am grateful to all the original artists for their kind permission to use their material. More detailed acknowledgements and links to them all are given below. To hear any of the songs (if your computer can handle MP3 files, as it probably can) just click the underlined song title.

What else should I have used but a picture of barley? Click your mouse button over the picture to reach Bee's page on the National Theatre of Wales website.

Fields of Gold sung by Bee Richards.

Here Bee Richards sings Fields of Gold. I am very grateful to Bee, who was trained at the Welsh College of Music and Drama, for allowing me to use it. Besides singing, Bee is also a poet and has published novels, including Golconda, a novel of the early copper industry in South Wales.

Click this picture to see Stephen Oliver's poetry on the GUESTS section.

Emblem for Dead Youth
This is from the 'King Hit' CD. The poems on this are written and read by Stephen Oliver. The original music is by Matt Ottley.

Stephen Oliver is a poet. An example of his work and a biographical note can be seen on the Guests section.

Click this picture of the cover of Beach Party.

Walk Don't Run is a track by Marconi Beach Sound.

WALK DON'T RUN is taken from the Marconi Beach Sound CD, Beach Party. I am very grateful to the members of the group, Jonathan Barker, John Davies, Phillip Ashurst, and Edward Barker, for allowing me permission to use it.

This picture of the RED FLAG will lead you to the appropriate part of the Dublin City University website if you click your mouse button over it.

The Red Flag sung by Jimmy Kelly.

This is a fine rendition of the 'Tannenbaum' version of the Socialist Anthem sung in Dublin City University School of Communications. I am very grateful to Helena Sheehan of Dublin City University for allowing me to use it.


Jazz No Problem of Prague on Charles Bridge

Basin Street Blues is performed by Jazz No Problem

Jazz No Problem perform on Charles Bridge, Prague. I am grateful to Vclav Kamnek and the other members of the band for giving me permission to use this special Charles Bridge version of the standard.

Click this picture of the cover of TOMORROW NEVER COMES to e-mail JIM BARTLETT.

Roll on Roll Along The Ro-Ro Shanty sung by Jim Bartlett.

This song is taken from Jim Bartlett's CD, Tomorrow Never Comes. I am very grateful to Jim for allowing me permission to use it. The song was written by himself.


Gweddio i'r Mor by Jim Bartlett

Sung by Jim Bartlett, accompanied by John Davies
Click HERE to see the lyrics of Gweddio i'r Mor.
I am very grateful to Jim for allowing me permission to use this song.

The inspiration for this poem was the late Scouse Artist Brian O'Toole. Click this picture to read the poem in Cornish and English

Kolonn San Hwath gans Mick Paynter (Skogynn Pryv).
rag an Artydh Skows Brian O'Toole

Avel delinyans an gevrenn ynter ilow ha bardonieth (heb vos onen kompes), otomma Kolonn Sans Hwath gans Mick Paynter.
A-ves dhe'n kesworrans ilewek gans Mel 3, gwra assaya dhe glywes orth sonyow unn yeth ha ny yll hi honvedhes brassa rann an vysytoryon dhe'n wiasva.

Yn Sowsnek

As an illustration of the link between music and poetry (not a direct one), here is Another Sacred Heart by Mick Paynter. Apart from the accompaniment provided by Mel 3, try listening to the sounds of a language that most visitors to the site won't be able to understand.

Click this picture of the cover of the LOVE & HATE album cover to see the Section 25 website.

Last Man in Europe is a track by Section 25.

LAST MAN IN EUROPE is taken from the Section 25 CD, Love & Hate. I am very grateful to Vin Cassidy and the others for allowing me permission to use it. See the essay of the same title on this site: link below.

Click this picture of the cover of Robert Thomas to hear him singing THE HOLY CITY.

Nirvana is sung by Robert Thomas.

Robert Thomas was a first cousin, three times removed, of mine and was a tenor who studied at the Royal Academy of Music. He later became a principal in the Sadler's Wells Opera Company. This recording is from 1957.

Joseph Parry's EMMANUEL is a recreated edition by Edward-Rhys Harry.  The original version was commissioned by the Royal National Eisteddfod of 1879 and the one remaining full score, in Parry's transcriber's handwriting, was found by Edward in the National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth, whilst researching Welsh choral music of the past.

We'll offer up our morning lay is a duet sung by Rhiannon Llewellyn (soprano) and Timothy Nelson (bass) of Cr Bro Ogwr.

Cr Bro Ogwr is a large mixed voice choir based in Bridgend, South Wales. I am very grateful to the choir and its conductor, Edward Rhys Harry, for allowing me permission to use a duet, We'll offer up our morning lay, from Joseph Parry's "Emmanuel". Edward created readable scores for choir, soloists and orchestra, and the piece was performed on 17th December 2011 in All Saints' Church, Porthcawl.

See Cr Bro Ogwr sing extacts from Emmanuel.

The album cover artwork for IF THE MOON COULD talk is by Tracey.

Where Are They Now? is sung by Tracey Curtis.

The CD was produced on the Unlabelled label by Irregular Records. I am very grateful to Tracey for allowing me permission to use it. The song, like the others on If the Moon Could Talk, was written by herself and recorded at Steer Studios, Tairgwaith.

The Eiffel Tower might be a bit stale or an image of Paris but I am a it lazy.

Rainy Day in Paris is sung by Brendan Barker.

The song, Brendan's own composition, was produced on his own CD. I am very grateful to him for allowing me permission to use it. Brendan is a multi instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and occasional poet.


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