What's New on the Benybont Site as at JULY 2017

What's New?
On the Benybont Site at July 2017
As from 2016 this site has been updated bi-monthly
Yes, all right. We get the point.

New stuff on this web site.

The purpose of this page is quite straightforward - to draw attention to the newest seven or eight additions or revisions to this web site. By that I mean the major additions or revisions. Not the tweaks and fiddlings about that go on all the time.


Francis Lynch

Francis Lynch is the latest on the MUSIC section with an extract from his new (May, 2017) opera, For Those in Peril, soon to be performed in both Illinois and South Wales. The first American performances will be held in September, 2017 The libretto was inspired by a short story of my own, The First and Last Letter to His Wife. Scene 11 of the opera, one of several that uses verbatim extracts from my story, can be heard in rehearsal, featuring baritone Zachary Angus. You can also read the full score of this scene from the MUSIC page.


Light Verse I and Light Verse II.

The last time I did anything with either of these was in 2009 so I thought it was high time I got around to it. I couldn't bear to be parted from the mainly prose centrepiece of Light Verse I. The Charge of the Light Verse Brigade is also still there, as are Is Rhyme a Crime? and Myfanwy in the Pleasure Dome. This one always reminds me of the Moon landing in July, 1969. No; this wasn't when I wrote it. There ARE some newer verses. These are Any Excuse for an Old Joke, Woman, 49, Single Entendre, Superman Returns and Giving Up.


Spring Quiz

There are new questions for March, 2017 in this new version of the quiz, one of the original pages on the site. If you want to wrestle with questions as diverse as why write haiku, wher can you see a picture from MoMa on ths site and whether heading a football is risky (but not if you want GLITTERING PRIZES) this could be the page for you.


More Poems

The More Poems section has a new selection of poetry. Only one of them is fairly new (November 2016). The others are from 2004, 2006 and 2014. The titles of the four poems are The Seven Lies of Man, Somewhere Near Merthyr, In the National Gallery and Meeting the East Hill Mob. There are numerous links to poetry (not all by me, I hasten to add) elsewhere on the website.


Hear a Poem - Stephen Oliver

Stephen Oliver is a new addition to the Hear a Poem section. He is also one of the new additions to the Music section. He provides the words for Emblem for Dead Youth and Matt Otley adds the music. Stephen has been on the original GUEST section for a number of years. Also, Gweddio i'r Mor can be read as well as heard. In this you can see the lyrics written by Jim Bartlett and hear his performance of the song, with guitar accompaniment by John Davies.


The Freedom to Wear Silly Red Coats

This new addition has been added to Pinkoprose. In reality, many foxhunting protestors as well as foxhunting supporters will probably take offence. Oh well. Can't win 'em all.


A Few Red Poets

Phil Knight has now joined A Few Red Poets with his poem The Boyo Who Lost His Shape. Phil is already on the Even More Guests section with his poem Poets for Sale. His is a distinctive and surreal voice well worth hearing in performance.


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