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Lisa Stewart

    Lisa Marianne Stewart (Elise) has been writing for twenty years. She has written eight volumes of poetry including For All Eternity, Another Sentiment and The Last Lament. Currently, she is working on three new volumes. Her work has been included in various poetry magazines and for the last five years, she has successfully edited Decanto poetry magazine. This was intended to provide a platform for poets' voices to be heard, and reflects her own interest in metaphysical poetry. Her own books are available through the Masque Publishing web site, http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/masquepublishing/.

Read I Am Betrothed


Sally Spedding

    Sally was born in Porthcawl to a Welsh mother and Dutch father whose family history has led her to explore the darkest side of people and places. Her work pushes at the boundaries of crime fiction. because she believes life itself cannot be so easily boxed. Having trained in sculpture, Sally won an international short story competition and was approached by an agent. Her first chiller, 'Wringland' was published in 2001. Her seventh, Malediction, set in France in 1997, came out in 2012, and How to Write a Chiller Thriller is available now. Her next work, a very dark psychological thriller, is with her publisher. Sally is also an award-winning short story writer and poet. She's married to the artist Jeffrey Spedding and they've kept a bolthole in the Pyrenees for 25 years. When not writing and dreaming, she enjoys singing and horse racing.

Read Chapter Three of Malediction


Dee Rimbaud

    Dee Rimbaud is an artist, poet, novelist and occasional new age gypsy. He has just returned to his native Scotland after a year of living mainly in a Mercedes 609d van with his partner and child, travelling round Scotland, England, France, Spain & Portugal. He is author of two poetry collections, The Bad Seed ( Stride, 1998) and Dropping Ecstasy With The Angels (Bluechrome, 2004); and one novel, Stealing Heaven from the Lips of God (Bluechrome, 2004). He edited the charity poetry anthology, The Book Of Hopes And Dreams (Bluechrome, 2006). He also edits The AA Independent Press Guide, a free online directory of magazines and publishers, hosted on his website alongside a host of useful writers' resources, as well as a portfolio of his art and a selection of his writing. His art is frequently used in magazines and internet zines and has graced the book jackets of collections by Janet Buck, Rupert Loydell, Norman Jope and many others. Dee's art is now available on t-shirts, posters, cards and assorted gift items via his CafePress shop. His art is also featured on the More Visuals section of this website.

Read Black Night/ Pink Gin.


Alan Perry

    Alan Perry is a poet, painter, short story writer and illustrator. His play about homelessness in Swansea, Music You Don't Normally Hear, was directed in Cardiff last year by Karl Francis. His New and Selected Poems "Dreaming from North to South" was published in 2006 by Moonstone Press. Herbert Williams said of it in Roundyhouse: 'These poems bristle with the grit and substance of everyday life... [Alan Perry] is an underrated Welsh Treasure." Days of the Comet, Perry's Collected Stories, was published by Moonstone this year. His art is also featured on the More Visuals section of this website.

Read Medical.


Mick Paynter

    Kernewek yw taves Bro Kernow tiredh Keltek dhe'n West a Bow Sows. Yth esa an yeth kellys rag ogas ha hanterkans blydhen mes dasserghys gans Henry Jenner hag y gowetha wosa 1904. Skrifer an bardhonek ma yw Mick Paynter po Bardh Skogynn Pryv ha gennys yn Teetotal Street, St Ives ha drehevys ena yn Porthia o. Skogynn Pryv a ober yn Soedhva Tolva an Gwlas yn Pennsans, yw Kadoryer Skorenn IR Kernow hag Aberplymm Kesunyans PCS nans yw lies blydhen. Ev re dhyskas Kernewek adhia 1999 dhe dhos ha bos Bardh an Orsedh 2002 dhe Lannstefan ev a skrifas tri lyver bardhonieth, Routh Baneryow, Yn ow hilyarth nebjydh, ha Hag oll an bys agan Plyw.

yn Sowsnek:

    Kernewek is the language of the Celtic territory of Cornwall to the West of England. The language was lost for nearly a half century but resurrected succesfully by Henry Jenner and his colleagues after 1904. The writer of Kolonn Sans hwath (Another Sacred Heart) is Mick Paynter, or the bard Worm's Fool who was born in Teetotal Street, St Ives and brought up there. Mick Paynter works in the Tax Office in Penzance. He has been President of Cornwall & Plymouth IR Branch of the PCS union for many years. He has been learning Kernewek since 1999 and become a bard of Gorseth Kernow in 2002 at Launceston, he has written three books of verse, A Crowd of Banners, In my backyard one day, and And all the world our patch.

Read Kolonn Sans hwath (Another Sacred Heart ).


Les Merton

    Les Merton was born and bred in Cornwall and is a Cornish activist. He is also a prolific writer, the words linking him to poetry include: poet, dialectician, reviewer, competition judge, publisher, promoter, performer, festival organiser and editor of Poetry Cornwall/Bardhonyeth Kernow.     Les is the author of ten books and was made a Bard of Gorseth Kernow (Cornish Gorsedd) in 2004 for services to Cornish Literature his Bardic name is Map Hallow (Son of the Moors).
    The featured short story What the Dickens is from his book of Cornish Noir entitled Dark Corners, ISBN 1-904781-68-3, published by Boho Press.

Read What the Dickens.


Chris Kinsey

    Chris Kinsey was BBC Wildlife Poet of the Year in 2008. She has had three collections of poetry published: Kung Fu Lullabies, and Cure for a Crooked Smile by Ragged Raven Press and, most recently, Swarf by Smokestack Books. She writes a regular Nature Diary for Cambria and was winner of the ‘Inspired by Nature’ competition organised by Natur Cymru 2012. Chris also writes short dramas. She has two rescue greyhounds and has been dubbed Greyhounds' Poet Laureate. She was the first Writer in Residence of Oriel Davies.

Read Sunday Shoes


Phil Knight

    Phil Knight is a performance poet who regularly reads at Cheval poets and with Red Poets throughout South Wales. Phil also features on A Few Red Poets with The Boyo Who Lost His Shape. His is a distinctive and surreal voice well worth hearing in performance. His Welcome to Wales was published in 2015.

Read Poets for Sale


Mike Jenkins

    Mike Jenkins is an award-winning Welsh poet and author. He is widely published and is much in demand for his lively performances and writing workshops. He has performed at the Hay Festival and the Aldeburgh Poetry Festival and has read and tutored at Ty Newydd, the National Writers' Centre for Wales.
Mike frequently appears on radio and television and is known among Cardiff City football fans as the club's 'unofficial poet'.

Read Matchstick Man


Nigel Jarrett

    Nigel Jarrett writes poetry, essays and short stories for such journals as London Magazine, Planet, Agenda, Poetry Wales and Poetry Ireland, and many others of dim provenance and solemn obscurity. He is a winner of the Rhys Davies Award for short fiction, though he likens trying to get a book published to the exertions of Sisyphus, recalling as little consolation that the punished monarch's boulder-rolling went on to eternity. However, unlike the Greek, he has never knowingly violated the laws of hospitality. He spent many years as a daily newspaper sub-editor, feature writer and reporter, so has known drudgery and elation. He now works as a freelance writer. For the past twenty years, he has been music critic of the South Wales Argus.

Read Robert Lowell and the Ring-tailed Lemur.


Peter Finch

    Peter Finch Finch is a full-time poet and psychogeographer living in Cardiff. Until recently he headed the national development agency Literature Wales. His most recent poetry is collected in Zen Cymru (Seren) and his prose work in Real Cardiff Three (Seren). He is currently working on a book about the Severn Estuary. His web site is at www.peterfinch.co.uk and his blog is at peterfinchpoet.blogspot.com.

Read A Welsh Wordscape


Ray Fenech

    Ray Fenech worked as a journalist for leading newspaper, Il-Mument, The Democrat, The Times and Sunday Times and edited two nation-wide distributed magazines. His work consisting of poetry, essays, articles and short stories has been published in ten countries and some of his research on the ghosts of Malta is in the International Directory of the Most Haunted Places by Penguin Books.

Read On Imagination.


Luís Benitez

    Luís Benítez was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1956. His 32 books of poetry, essays and a novel were published in Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Spain, Uruguay, USA and Venezuela. His last collection of poetry, A Heron in Buenos Aires, Selected Poems was published by Ravenna Press, New York 2011.

Read A Heron in Buenos Aires.


Kim Bannerman

    Kim Bannerman's short stories have appeared in such varied venues as Parabola Magazine, A Room of One's Own literary journal, the ParaSpheres Anthology from Omnidawn Press, and Neo-Opsis Science Fiction Magazine. Her novel, The Tattooed Wolf, was released by Double Dragon Publishing in 2004, and the sequel, The Wolf of Gilsbury Cross, is due to be released in late 2006. She lives on the coast of British Columbia with her husband, her daughter, and a mischievous dog named Loki.

Read Fierce Rabbit.


Pauline Archell-Thompson

    Pauline started out studying fashion design fashion design in art college but switched to fine art. After a wide range of activities, she ended up lecturing in media and computer graphics.

    She has written and seen produced two plays, and has had poetry published. In 1994 she won the Arthur Scott Award for creative writing from Brunel University with poetry and short stories. She still gives academic conference papers. Her publications here include Foundation, a journal essay on Andre Norton, Parliament of Dreams: Conferring on Babylon 5, an overview of the 2003 Dundee Conference Altered States and Anime: The peaceful Invasion, published in Diagesis. Pauline has also had The Dark is Rising published in Children's Fantasy Fiction, 2005.

Read When Dreams become Reality.


Rubi Andredakis

    Rubi is Cretan Greek and was born in Tanzania, East Africa. Now she is settled permanently in Cyprus. She speaks four languages and has a degree in journalism and creative writing. Is the founder of Rubini Publications, whose productions include her own historical novel, The Man from the Shadows of Idi and a collection of children's stories by Elizabeth Price of Australia. Both of these works appear in Greek and English. Rubi is the publisher of SCW International and the editor of Creature Features.

Read Tribute to the Minotaur.

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