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So underwhelmed have I been at the tremendous response to Other Stuff and Other Other that I have decided to add this section, Another Other.

You can't teach an old elephant new tricks.

As with the original celebration of otherness, I 'reorganised' this part of the site in August, 2008. If you run your mouse over the pictures below, you'll see what page you'll reach if you click the picture. Look before you leap, sort of thing. Or, if you prefer the more traditional style of link, use those below.

ANTIQUE POEMS ANALYSED: This sub-section of the site gives illustrations of older (i.e. non-copyright) poems, looks at them in detail, and they are read by various people.       BATTLE OF MALDEN: this gives an account of the battle between the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. As well as reading the account, you can also see a fragment of the poem and hear an extract in the original Anglo-Saxon.       THE CRICKET PAGE: Well, alright. The centrepiece of this page is a celebration of the Ashes Series of 2005, only of real interest to historians now. But there is some other stuff here, together with some interesting links.

      DIC PENDERYN: Who was Dic Penderyn? This page gives you the chance to find out.            This is not a review that CLAXO would want to acknowledge. Toata aceasta pagina contine opt poezii/All this page comprises is eight poems.       W IS DUBYA: Could this be your last chance to see George W. Bush? It could if you're lucky.      

OTHER STUFF: the original celebration of otherness.       OTHER OTHER STUFF: here you'll find the dregs of this dreggy web site       BACK TO MAIN PAGE

Antique Poems Analysed
Battle of Maldon
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Dic Penderyn
Jeremy Clarkson: The Review
Poezia in dua limba/Poetry in two languages
'W' is for Dubya
Other Stuff
Other Other Stuff
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