Family Walks Around Swansea

published in 1993

ISBN 0 907758 622

by Scarthin Books

of Cromford, Derbyshire.


The walks in this book are contained in an area that is little more than thirty miles from west to east, and slightly less than that from north to south. You could drive through it in less than half-an-hour. Many people do just that, in pursuit of better-known tourist destinations. They are missing an opportunity to explore a largely unknown corner of South Wales, and one which has a great deal to offer to anyone who is prepared to take time out to seek its pleasures.

Despite good road systems and fair public transport facilities, there is really only one way to explore the area, to learn something about its heart, and that is on foot. Only then is it possible to properly appreciate the natural world in all its delicacy as well as all its grandeur, and only then is it possible to gain a real insight into man's relationship with his environment. That relationship has sometimes been precarious, and sometimes too it has been uncompromising on both sides, but it has been a fascinating one throughout the ages.

This book is intended to act as a kind of signpost to the delights of walking as well as its practicalities, especially for those with young families. If it can point the way to even some of the pleasures which my own family have enjoyed through walking, it will have done its work.

Mumbles Pier from Oystermouth CASTLE he should have said.

Mumbles Pier from Oystermouth. Route 5.

It always looks easy on a map, of course.

Y Gaer Fawr, Bethlehem. Route 5.

The book includes 16 walks, each with a full description, a note of public transport and refreshment opportunities, detailed route maps and directions, and is illustrated by photographs and line drawings.

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