New Questions March 2017

1 . Why write Haiku? Need a clue?

2 . Who sings Sandcastles? Need a clue?

3 . Is heading a football risky? Clue?

4 . Where can you hear a poem on this site? Need a clue?

5 . What are Antique Poems Analysed? Clue?

6 . Where can you see a picture from MoMa on this website? Clue?

7 . What's happening in Welsh local government? Clue?

8 . Where can you take Another Look at Existentialism? Need a clue?

9 . Does poetry get lost in translation? Clue?

10. Who was The Last Man in Europe? Need a clue?

Caption Competition

No funny cracks about which one's the Martian, please.

Picture: David Williams

These competitions are for the amusement only of those of as suspect a mentality as their author. There are absolutely no FABULOUS, GLITTERING PRIZES. Put your ANSWERS ON A POSTCARD if you must, but please don't send it anywhere near me.

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