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The Lake

The Lake, a collection of general fiction, was published on 3 May, 2006.

Cover from a photograph by EWART DAVIES.

Read Writer on a Train, one of the stories from the book.


The cover is reminiscent of HG Wells''The Sphynx', don't you think? I've no idea why.

Checkpoint, a collection of speculative fiction, was published in January, 2007. It is available from myself at the post-inclusive price of 7.00 (8.00 overseas) or from the Institutul European (The European Institute) based in Iasi. Dr. Petru Iamandi edited the academic content and the series editor is Professor Sorin Pirvu. The ISBN number is 973-611-459-7; 978-973-611-459-5. Their web site can be seen on Click HERE to see the content of the book.

Top Priority

       This is the 2008 publication.               This is the 2011 publication Click your mouse button over the picture to see the back cover.

Top Priority, a novel of speculative fiction, was published in February, 2008. The novel is by Doru Tatar and Dr. Petru Iamandi and myself are credited with being the joint translators - rather generously in my own case, It was published again in 2011 by Wildside Press. Click HERE to find out more and to read a short opening extract.

Bayswater, Saturday Night
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