P u b l i c a t i o n s (II)

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Friederich Nietzsche? Did he have children then?

Nietzsche's Children
a bilingual selection of poetry
with translations by Petru Iamandi
published in 1998
by Geneze
of Galatz, Romania
ISBN 973-98639-1-4

Read two of the poems


So where IS Grub Street then, eh?

Living Words
essays on literary themes
published in 1998
by Porto Franco
ISBN 973-557-470-5
Read one of the shorter essays


Passing Moments
an anthology of prose
published in 2001
by K.T. Publications
ISBN 0 907759 92 0
Read Pwll Uchaf
Read Old Acquaintance

Pwll Uchaf? That's Welsh, surely?

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