Raymond Humphreys

Photographed in April 2017

I am never quite sure whether to send a short biography out when contacting a magazine for the first time.

Some editors seem to want them, others - rightly I think - say that it should be your writing that counts, and that such notes are superfluous. Anyway, here's the one that I send out - sometimes.

Writer of fiction, essays, features, reviews and poetry.

Born London, of Welsh family. Now living in Wales. Numerous magazine publications in UK, USA, Eire, Romania, Argentina, South Africa, Canada, Australia and elsewhere. Several book-length publications

Previously had poetry in many publications including in Staple, Orbis, Other Poetry, Outposts, Gaelach Lan and Poetry Salzburg Review; short fiction in Westwords, Odyssey, Panurge; non-fiction including a series of twenty essays on literary biography published in Writers' Monthly; a series of essays in the Southern African Review of Books; a regular quarterly column in Cambrensis; and was a regular contributor to The H.G. Wells' Newsletter, Country Quest, Family Tree Magazine, Writers' Monthly, Britain at War and Pembrokeshire Life.

Now my efforts are mainly directed towards poetry, 'commercial' features (sometimes using the noms-de-plume Joseph Edmunds or Hannah Rae Evans) and finalising some longer works.

Web publications can be found on the web sites of The Poetry Library, Stride, Buenos Aires Poetry, Recours au Poème, Red y accion (Colombia) and elsewhere.

Full-length publications:
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Family Walks Around Swansea (Scarthin, 1993)
The Time Traveller [Prose, edited with Dr. Petru Iamandi] (Porto Franco, 1997)
Nietzsche's Children [Poetry] (Geneze, 1998)
Living Words [Essays on literary biography] (Porto Franco, 1998)
Passing Moments [Short stories, with others] (KT Publications, 2001)
The Lake, [Eighteen short stories] (KT Publications, 2006)
Checkpoint, [A collection of speculative fiction] (The European Institute, 2007)

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